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Kellogg | 13 Aug : 09:19
Muh meh, WRC Serie aufstellen! Aber ein bisschen plötzlich!
Kellogg | 11 Aug : 19:02
WRC aufstellen. Ich fahre mit aber mit Bus.😁
Kellogg | 11 Aug : 14:30
Nächstes Jahrtausend😁
RudyOosterndijk | 10 Aug : 19:58
Wann können wir mit deiner Version rechnen?
Kellogg | 10 Aug : 12:54
SavegameReader umschreiben, sollte nicht so schwer sein.

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Thread: Alpha 0.0.7h released

Moderatoren: Crono, RudyOosterndijk

Montag 04 Mai 2020 - 23:35:25
Alpha 0.0.7h is out
Release notes – GeneRacing – Version Alpha 0.0.7h

** Added
* [GEN-185] – Added Standard specular shader to the alway included shaders for built-in shaders
* [GEN-186] – Prepared and implimented the first 3d model importer (*.obj) files for the future
* [GEN-189] – Set car back to track with time delay if it stucks in Trees or something like that
* [GEN-196] – Update Engine to Unity2019
* [GEN-197] – Updating encryption engine
* [GEN-198] – Check if min. 1 startpoint found on track > if not exit with errormessage
* [GEN-199] – GeneralSettings Bug (dondestroyonload) if scene is switching
* [GEN-200] – Add a general track database db with several functions and possiblities
* [GEN-201] – Add Screenshot loading from cloud to see pic in TrackDB
* [GEN-203] – Add shown downloads to TrackDB
* [GEN-204] – Adding Cronjobs to sync count of laps for each track in track db
* [GEN-205] – Adding cronjob to sync wr-times for each track in db
* [GEN-206] – Adding some fields for tracks like (wr-times, downloaded-times, count of sumlaps,…) for json
* [GEN-207] – Adding three more physics sliders (HighTwistLimit,SwingLimiter and LowTwistLimit) for CharacterJoints
* [GEN-209] – Create TrackDB first impression video
* [GEN-215] – Extend possible textures for terrain from 512×512 to 2048×2048
* [GEN-216] – Added filerenaming for local trk files (for sync) – all files must be lowercase to avoid doubling
* [GEN-217] – Meta Files for TRK-files will be deleted before syncing/renaming in sync
* [GEN-218] – Uploaded TRK files uploaded and stores in lowercase in every case
* [GEN-219] – Added first procedural grass placements for green-textures to improve graphics/views
* [GEN-222] – Add simple FPV Cam and new keycode F7 to enable it
* [GEN-228] – Add SteamUserProfile (overlayed) link to Steam-Nickname @ WorldRecords
* [GEN-229] – Provide an JSON-API for WorldRecords (for public access, leagues, websites,etc.)
* [GEN-230] – Provide an JSON-API for TrackRecords (for public access, leagues, websites,etc.)
* [GEN-231] – Provide an JSON-API for Changelogs (for public access, leagues, websites,etc.)
* [GEN-232] – Provide an JSON-API for TrackDB (for public access, leagues, websites,etc.)
* [GEN-233] – Added and fixed HedgeShort object
* [GEN-234] – Adding grid layout (KeyCode F10) over terrain to make heights visible
* [GEN-236] – Update standard assets (shaders,crossplatforminputs,…) to newest version

** fixed
* [GEN-168] – Check if min. 2 waypoints found on track > if not exit with errormessage
* [GEN-169] – Check if min. 1 Pitcrew is existing to start the track > if not exit with error message
* [GEN-175] – searchfiltern shown for slave in track selector
* [GEN-187] – Replaced and decreased RoadCone collider
* [GEN-188] – Stone sound should be inactive, because of some tracks with used stones as a bump
* [GEN-191] – Track-Uploading with special chars in Username or Trackname are broken (json)
* [GEN-192] – F5 for Networkstats not working anymore
* [GEN-194] – Change back from F6 cam isnßt possible
* [GEN-195] – Improved jump down force and bezier curve (extended jdf-slider under “m” to 200)
* [GEN-208] – Fix avatar loading-bug at trackdb – phpscript to check for physical exists>DB>then check db instead of loading direct from cloud
* [GEN-220] – Felt delay in steering behaviour fixed
* [GEN-221] – Physics: changed sunkenTyre physics behaviour to avoid high jumps
* [GEN-224] – Lobby load is clickable while joining/loading
* [GEN-225] – Change CameraView affects other network players
* [GEN-226] – Changed some textelements in WR-Holders popup
* [GEN-235] – Fixed some important obfuscating bugs and renamed some namespaces
* [GEN-237] – Fixed some methodbugs for obfuscating
* [GEN-238] – Fixed welcome popup layer problem (car in front of the text)

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