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Elharter | 08 Dez : 22:57
Kellogg | 06 Dez : 05:31
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Kellogg | 26 Okt : 06:02
Crono | 19 Okt : 14:55
Dein Browser sagt, dass die Verbindung unsicher ist, nicht die Seite Aber https kommt dann nach dem Update auf die nächste Major Version. Dazu muss ich aber noch das Theme fertig stellen.
Elharter | 07 Okt : 21:20
ja, weil kein https eingerichtet ist...

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Thread: Update 26.11.2019 / Alpha 0.0.7g

Moderatoren: Crono, RudyOosterndijk

Dienstag 26 November 2019 - 15:12:29
Release notes - GeneRacing - Version Alpha 0.0.7g

Finally weve upgraded the WHOLE Terrain-Environment in the Background which is not visible yet - thats why this update has a delay.

** Added
* [GEN-144] - Added fuel consumption, fuel mass, damage and tire wear to qualifying settings
* [GEN-145] - Added fuel consumption, fuel mass, damage and tire wear to race settings
* [GEN-150] - Added topspot to see the car-mesh in the dark
* [GEN-159] - Add first XP/Level System Version, Databasedriven
* [GEN-160] - Added first Formula1 car with same default settings like the default car
* [GEN-166] - Save and load QualiSettings to registry
* [GEN-167] - Added KeyCode.F2 to change between Orthographic and Perspective Cam
* [GEN-170] - Added inputtext-field to filter the tracklist
* [GEN-172] - Extended PUN with RaceTimeSummarizer
* [GEN-182] - Added Steam check at start with popup notification if steam is not started

** Fixed
* [GEN-60] - Race Endpanel shows not the sum-time at the end as expected, headline is missing (race)
* [GEN-142] - Fuel/Tire/Damage bars are wrong assigned if more then 2 players
* [GEN-143] - Fixed existing qualitime show up (from the quali/race before)
* [GEN-147] - Increased the AirTime handle to steer the car in the air for 1.5seconds
* [GEN-148] - Drastic reduction of the static downforce to handle small hills, more realistic jumps,...
* [GEN-149] - Changed switch of car-lights according to day/night lamps
* [GEN-151] - Fixed long loading bug for sync popup
* [GEN-153] - Fixed scaling bug according to worldsizes for objects in many cases
* [GEN-155] - Change physics values for worldsize from 230 steps to 100
* [GEN-164] - PhysicsBody will only be deactived for the localcar, not for the networkcas > collissions
* [GEN-171] - Increase sunkenTyre shape and collider
* [GEN-173] - Changed Gatesize and tests with Gate (still wrong size)
* [GEN-176] - Save audio setting volume for player and load it at the start
* [GEN-177] - Fixed Settings-Background Bug (clear hide of other buttons)
* [GEN-178] - Fixed Sync-Background Bug (clear hide of other buttons)
* [GEN-179] - Changed line transform for pitbox to ensure better visibility
* [GEN-180] - Handle trackfiles <version 1.2 (track cannot be loaded, scene switched back to main menue with message)
* [GEN-181] - Fixed camera-movement, zoom and perspective change if topdown-cam is inactive
* [GEN-183] - Changed jump down force behavior calculated following bezier curves


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